Learning Russian can be easy!

Russian language online - study Russian wherever you want
  • Do you think that Russian is very difficult, and you will never be able to speak it?

    Or you already tried to learn it, and nothing worked?

    Then this course is especially for you!

  • VERY detailed lessons for those who have lost hope to learn Russian

    ✅ No rush in learning

    ✅ Simple explanations in Basic English

    ✅ Smooth transition to complex topics

    ✅ Combination of self-learning by our program + Individual video lessons with a Russian teacher who follows your studies

  • ✅ Study anywhere in the world, all you need is internet access

    ✅ Start when you want and learn at your own rhythm

    12 € / Lesson !

    1st SET of lessons

    (5 grammar lessons + 1 video lesson with a Russian teacher)

    - try for FREE !

Russian language online - study Russian wherever you want
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it is the place where:

Good structure

Lessons are VERY well structured

Corresponding to the level of grammatical and lexical difficulty.
Level of difficulty

Level of difficulty

You start from basic things and move towards more complex topics.
No need to wait to start

You can start the course at any moment

No need to wait or to plan, you can start even now!

Study at your rhythm

You can study at any time and at your own rhythm

Do you prefer to study at lunch time or in the evening? No problem! With Easy Russian Online you can choose your own rhythm :)
Pay as many SETs as you want

You pay as many SETs of lessons as you want

How far are you ready to go in learning Russian? - YOU are the one who decides.
Individual video lessons

Regular video-lessons with a Russian teacher

You have your personal Russian teacher who monitors your progress regulary.
How we work:
You, when you imagine how Russian language is difficult
Us, who "take you by the hand" and show you the best and the funniest way to learn Russian
You, after completing Easy Russian Online Course
Structure of the Course:

Easy Russian Online course includes

80 lessons divided in grammatical and lexical SETs.

1 SET = 5 grammar lessons


1 hour of individual video lesson

with a Russian teacher

(included in the price of the SET)

1 SET = 5 lessons * 12 € = 60 €

So, from Beginner to Advanced level there are 16 SETs in total.

Lessons are sold as a SET and you can study as many SETs as you want.

The next SET will be available for study only after passing the current SET and a video lesson with a teacher to consolidate the studied material.

You study the program at your own rhythm, but to achieve good results, the recommended time to study one SET is 10-14 days.

Learning process:

You buy a SET of 5 VERY detailed lessons, you study them at your own rhythm, you do your homework and prepare questions for the video lesson with a teacher.
Then you contact your teacher to book a video-lesson by Skype at the time convenient for both of you. In the video lesson you can ask all the questions you are interested in, as well as check your homework and practice speaking Russian.
After that, you are ready to learn a new SET. You study Russian gradually, combining self-learning and lexical lessons with a teacher to achieve the best possible understanding.

    If you have already studied Russian before, Easy Russian Online offers you a


    to evaluate your language level !

Levels of the Russian language

How to understand from where to start studying?..

FREE TEST to evaluate your language level.

If you don’t know what level of Russian you should start learning from, or if you have already studied Russian before, then you can have a FREE TEST to evaluate your level and advise you which set to start learning with. It will take around 10-15 minutes of your time and it will show you your weak points.

"Cool, now I'm ready to start!"

After passing the test, the teacher will contact you and tell you from which SET to start and will also send you payment details. After payment you will receive your first SET of your level to study.

If you have never studied Russian, simply answer “no” to this question in the registration form for the Course. In this case, you will start studying from the very beginning.
How SETS look like:


Lesson 1-5
Video lesson with a Russian teacher


Lesson 6-10
Video lesson with a Russian teacher


Lesson 11-15
Video lesson with a Russian teacher

... and so on...

You study Russian step by step! No rush :)

Have a look at the example of the program for the first 3 SETs:

Why to Choose Us
We created such a detailed, smooth and well-structured program that you will not find a better and easier way to learn Russian!
  • High quality
    We took into account the main mistakes of others in teaching Russian, analyzed them and created a program with our own exceptional methods (!)
  • Support
    Your Russian teacher regularly organises video lessons with you and monitors your studies and progress.
  • Funny and colorful lessons
    Bright, detailed and funny lessons will help you visually to remember complex material. It will make the process of learning Russian much easier and smoother.
  • Good price
    For this price you are "led by the hand" in studying the Russian language and Russian culture (!)

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